Name of Client's Name & Year of  Value of work
the work Postal Address Execution  ( lacs)
Instrumentation work of Coke Oven & M/s.SCIL India Limited,Simon House,    
By  Product  of  Visakhapatnam Steel Transport Depot Road,CALCUTTA 1988                24.00
Project at Visakhapatnam. Ref:  Chief Manager    
Instrumentation  work  of M/s. Oil  and M/s. Engineers  India  Limited    
Natural Gas Corporation Limited,North 1,Bhikaiji Cama Place,R.K.Puram 1989                15.70
Santhal GGS Project at Mehasana NEW DELHI-110 0066    
  Ref : Dy.General Manager (contracts)    
Control  Instrumentation  & Electrical M/s.Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited    
work of 2 x 33 MW Gas Steam Turbine External Services Department 1989                15.60
Generator  of  M/s. B.H.E.L. at APSEB, R.C.Puram,HYDERABAD-502 032    
Vijjeswaram Ref : Addl.General Manager (ES&S)    
Control Instrumentation and Electrical M/s.Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited    
work of Cogen Plant at M/s.H.P.C.L, External Services Department 1990                42.00
Visakh Refinery,Visakhapatnam R.C.Puram,HYDERABAD-502 032    
  Ref : Addl.General Manager (ES&S)    
Instrumentation and Electrical work of M/s.TATA Projects Limited    
M/s.Chembal Fertilisers and Chemicals "Suryodaya", 1-10-60/3,Begumpet 1991                16.79
Limited-KOTA,Rajasthan State HYDERABAD-500016    
CIE Works of 2 x Fr-5 GT Sets for Steam M/s.Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited    
and  Power  Generation   Plant   at External Services Department 1991                63.30
M/s.Chembal Fertilisers & Chemicals R.C.Puram,HYDERABAD-502 032    
Limited-KOTA,Rajasthan State Ref : Dy.General Manager (ES&GT)    
Main Electrical works for M/s. ONGCL- M/s.Engineers India Limited    
Ravva  Onshore  Facility  Project  at Dowlani Towers,27/28,Dr.Radha- 1991                78.20
Surasaniyanam (A.P) krishnan Salai,Mylapore-Chennai-4    
Electrical works for Propylene Recovery M/s.Hindustan Petroleum Corpn.Ltd.    
Unit   at  M/s. HPCL - Visakh  Refinery Visakh Refinery,Malkapuram Post 1992                15.00
Visakhapatnam VISAKHAPATNAM-530 011    
  Ref : General Manager (Projects)    
Instrumentation works for Propylene M/s.Hindustan Petroleum Corpn.Ltd.    
Recovery Unit at M/s.HPCL-Visakh Visakh Refinery,Malkapuram Post 1992                22.65
Refinery,Visakhapatnam VISAKHAPATNAM-530 011    
  Ref : General Manager (Projects)    
Instrumentation works for Hook-up jobs M/s.Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.    
for Gas-Lift Surface Facilities at Offshore Bombay Regional Business Centre 1993                15.49
Installation under GLPM Project at # 528,Vasudhara Bhavan,    
M/s.ONGCL-Mumbai Bandra (East) MUMBAI-400 051    
  Ref: Mr.Baidya,Dy.Supdt Engr (Inst)    
Electrical works of Sulphur Recovery M/s.Hindustan Petroleum Corpn.Ltd.    
Unit at M/s.HPCL-Visakh Refinery Visakh Refinery,Malkapuram Post 1994                10.63
Visakhapatnam VISAKHAPATNAM-530 011    
  Ref : General Manager (Projects)    
Electrical Installation works of KBPL M/s. ATV  Projects  India  Limited    
Tops Depot at Sidhpur D-8, MIDC, Street No : 16, Marol, 1994                15.52
  Andheri (East) MUMBAI-400 093    
Instrumentation works for Sulphur M/s.Cochin Refineries Limimited    
Recovery Unit at M/s.Cochin Refineries Ernakulam District,AMBALMUGAL-302 1994                23.08
Limited,Ambalmugal Post,Cochin Ref :  Dy.General Manager (Projects)    
Instrumentation works for Water Treat- M/s. Hindustan  Dorr - Oliver Limited    
ment  Plant  for  Madras  Metropolitian Dorr-Oliver House,121,Rukminilaksh- 1994                14.74
Water  Supply  and  Sewage Board at mipati Road,Egmore    
Redhills-Chennai CHENNAI-600 008    
Electrical works for Basin Bridge Gas M/s.Sarvesham Construction Company    
Turbine Generator Project at Chennai Pvt.Ltd.,# 119,Diamond Centre,L.B.S 1995                   8.20
  Marg,Vikhroli (West),MUMBAI-400 083    
Instrumentation  works   for   Sulphur M/s.Toyo Engineering India Limited    
Recovery Unit at M/s.Mangalore Refinery 46/47,Jerbai Wadia Road,Bhoiwada 1995                14.35
and Petrochemicals Limited,Mangalore Parel,MUMBAI-400 012    
  Ref: Asst.General Manager (Projects)    
Electrical works for Sulphur Recovery M/s.Toyo Engineering India Limited    
Unit  at  M/s. Mangalore  Refinery and 46/47,Jerbai Wadia Road,Bhoiwada 1995                14.56
Petrochemicals Limited,Mangalore Parel,MUMBAI-400 012    
  Ref: Asst.General Manager (Projects)    
Instrumentation   works  for   Continuous M/s.Toyo Engineering India Limited    
Catalyst Reforming Unit at M/s.Mangalore 46/47,Jerbai Wadia Road,Bhoiwada 1995                14.57
Refinery  and Petrochemicals Limited Parel,MUMBAI-400 012    
Mangalore Ref: Asst.General Manager (Projects)    
Electrical  works  for Continuous Catalyst M/s.Toyo Engineering India Limited    
Reforming Unit at M/s.Mangalore Refinery 46/47,Jerbai Wadia Road,Bhoiwada 1995                36.47
and Petrochemcals Limited-Mangalore Parel,MUMBAI-400 012    
  Ref: Asst.General Manager (Projects)    
CIE Works for HRSG,GTG,STG & Auxilia- M/s.Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited    
ries at M/s.Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Power  Sector - Western  Region 1995                39.59
Limited-Gandhar Project Shreemohini, 345  Kingsway    
  NAGPUR - 440 001    
Instrumentation work of CSU-Gandhar M/s.Bharat Heavy Plate & Vessels Ltd.    
Phase-II Project,Gujarat State BHPV-Post,VISAKHAPATNAM-530 012 1995                18.18
  Ref : Sr.Manager (Inst)    
CIE Works of 1 x 50.98 TPH HRSG and M/s.Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited    
1xFr-5 (25 MW) Gas Turbine & Auxiliaries Power  Sector - Western  Region 1995                27.20
for M/s.ONGCL-Hazira,Gujarat state Shreemohini, 345  Kingsway    
  NAGPUR - 440 001    
Instrumentation work of M/s.Indian Oil M/s. Hindustan  Dorr - Oliver Limited    
Corporation Limited, Panipat Refinery Dorr-Oliver House,121,Rukminilaksh- 1996                30.22
Project,Panipat,Haryana state mipati Road,Egmore,CHENNAI-600 008    
Instrumentation work of M/s.Indian Petro- M/s. Hindustan  Dorr - Oliver Limited    
chemicals Limited,Dahej Project,Dahej. Dorr-Oliver House,121,Rukminilaksh- 1996                19.27
  mipati Road,Egmore,CHENNAI-600 008.    
Instrumentation work of Additional M/s.Hindustan Petroleum Corpn.Ltd.    
Tankage Project at M/s.HPCL-Vizag Visakh Refinery,Malkapuram Post 1997                53.83
  VISAKHAPATNAM-530 011    
Electrical works connected with cabling, M/s.Delta Mechcons India Limited    
busduct and instrumentation, 160 MW # 207,Nirmal Towers,Dwarakapuri 1997                23.00
GTPS Stage-II,APSEB-Vijjeswaram Colony,Punjagutta,HYDERABAD-482    
Instrumentation works of Crude Oil Heater M/s.Bridge & Roof Company Limited    
Project (CTU-CDU-I) of M/s.HPCL-Visakh 427/1,Grand Trunk Road 1997                26.48
Refinery,Visakhapatnam CALCUTTA-711 101    
Electrical & Instrumentation works for M/s.Hindustan Petroleum Corpn.Ltd.    
LPG Import Facilities Project (jetty End Hindustan Bhavan,8,Shoorji Vallabh 1997                39.21
Terminal & Refinery End terminal at Das Marg,MUMBAI - 400 038.    
Electrification work of Despatch Terminal M/s.Hindustan Petroleum Corpn.Ltd.    
(LPG Import Facility) at M/s.HPCL-Vizag Hindustan Bhavan,8,Shoorji Vallabh 1997                16.52
  Das Marg,MUMBAI - 400 038.    
Instrumentation works for Sulphur and M/s.Reliance Petroleum Limited    
Amine  Units  at  Jamnagar   Refinery RPL-SSO-E5 : Village : MOTIKHAVDI 1998              156.00
Project,Jamnagar Post : Digvijayagram, JAMNAGAR-140    
Instrumentation  works  for  GOHDS,SRU, M/s.Mangalore Refinery And Petroche-    
Visbreaker,Merox Units at M/s.Mangalore micals Limited,MOODAPADAV, 1998              125.00
Refinery and  Petrochemicals  Limited. Post : Kuthethoor,Via: Katipalla    
  MANGALORE-574 149    
Instrumentation & Electrical works for M/s.Toyo Engineering India Limited    
CCR-2 Project at M/s.Mangalore Refinery "Toyo House" L.B.S.Marg 1999              116.00
and Petrochemicals Limited,Mangalore Kanjurmarg (West),MUMBAI-400 078    
Instrumentation work of ETP-I & II M/s.Hindustan Dorr-Oliver Limited    
Project  at M/s.HPCL-Visakhapatnam Dorr-Oliver House,Chakla,Andheri (E) 1999                16.67
  M U M B A I - 400 099    
Instrumentation work of Complex "C" M/s.Coromandel Fertilisers Limited    
Train at M/s.Coromandel Fertilisers Ltd. Post Box No. 1116 2000                   9.56
  VISAKHAPATNAM-530 011    
Instrumentation work of Tank Farm M/s.Cochin Refineries Limited    
Automation Project at M/s.Cochin Post Bag No. 2 2000                89.36
Refineries Limited - Ambalmugal AMBALMUGAL-682 302    
  Ernakulam District (Kerala State)    
CIE Works of 4x18 MW Capacity sets at M/s.Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited    
Srisailam Lift Irrigation Pump Hydro Electric Power Sector-Southern Region 2000                49.68
Project at Srisailam, Nalgonda District (A.P) # 474,Anna Salai,Nandanam    
  C H E N N A I - 600 035    
Instrumentation works of Combined Cycle M/s.BSES Limited    
Power Plant of M/s.BAPL at Samalkot (A.P) BSES Tower, A-2,Sector-24 2000                31.48
  N O I D A - 201 301 (U.P)    
Instrumentation works for 24 MW Bagasse M/s.BSES Limited    
Based Captive Power Plant of M/s.GSML BSES Tower, A-2,Sector-24 2001                15.45
at Sameerwadi, Karnataka State N O I D A - 201 301 (U.P)    
Instrument  Installation  works  for M/s.UHDE India Limited    
M/s.Godavari Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd Uhde House, L.B.S.Marg,Vikhroli (W) 2001                   8.31
at Kakinada. M U M B A I - 400 083    
Electrical & Instrumentation works for Ammonia M/s.Toyo Engineering India Limited    
Storage & Handling Facility (Zash Project) for Toyo House, LBS.Marg, Kanjurmarg (W) 2001                16.73
M/s.Zuari Industries Limited, Goa. M U M B A I - 400 078.    
Electrical  and C & I   System for 1 x 10 MW STG M/s.Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited    
set at Grasim Industries Ltd. Harihar Polyfibres, Power Sector - Southern Region    
Near Harihar, Karnataka state # 474, Anna Salai,  Nandanam 2001                11.92
  C H E N N A I - 600 035.    
Electrical  works package for 20 MW DG  Sets M/s. BSES Limited, EPC Business Group    
Based Power Plant of  M/s.Suryachakra Power BSES Tower,  A-2,  Sector-24 2001                47.24
Corporation Limited at Andaman. N O I D A - 201 301,  Uttar Pradesh    
Electrical & Instrumentation  works  for  LPG M/s.Stewarts And Lloyds of India Limited    
Revamp  Project at   M/s.Gas Authority of India Arul Manai (1st Floor)  27 White Road 2001                32.36
Limited, Vagodhia, Gujarat State C H E N N A I - 600  014.    
Augmentation of Construction Power System for M/s.Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.    
Refinery - III  Expansion Project at Chennai. Manali 2001                35.00
  C H E N N A I - 600 068.